Swedish – Refreshing Massage

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The most widespread Western massage. Its original form is a combination of massage and exercise. The masseur refreshes the body with smoothing, rubbing, vibrating and kneading movements. The physical and neurohormonal effects of massage help heal any disease. In the course of the massage, in order to improve circulation and digestion, according to the conventional method, the patient also has to do some physical exercises, but without it, it can achieve an excellent effect. Swedish massage relieves pain (eg stress headaches), speeds up recovery from injuries, prevents wasted muscles, reduces insomnia, increases alertness, but above all, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

This treatment is one of the most well-known massages because it covers the whole body and is aimed at massaging the muscles, tendons and joints. It facilitates the proper functioning of locomotor functions and relaxes painful, spasmodic muscles. The most common types of Swedish massage are kneading, rubbing, smoothing and vibrating movements. With smoothing movements, it evenly distributes the massage oil over the body, resulting in overall body relaxation. Subsequent deep smoothing is always directed towards the heart, which stimulates blood circulation and warms the muscles. Then kneading continues on the back, upper chest, legs and back. It relaxes the muscles, separates the stiff muscle fibers, and increases the blood supply to the muscles. We use various forms of tapping to tone the muscles, which can be strong, gentle, slow and fast. Rubs with two fingers at special points on the body. During the massage, we use cream or oil as required by the guest. The treatment is usually done on a massage bed, but it can also be done on a sponge or a mattress laid on the ground.


– relaxes the muscles
– reduces back and spinal pain
– Enhances metabolism, thus helping to detoxify the body
– has a positive effect on digestion
– invigorates blood circulation, restores the elasticity of our skin
– refresh, condition
– relieves stress
– helps eliminate sleep disorders
– speeds up recovery from injury
– relieves headaches and pain in general

Who is it recommended for?

– rheumatic diseases
– in case of locomotor problems
– for the additional treatment of orthopedic diseases
– treating sprains, cramps and sprains
– to treat heart problems and hypertension
– correcting defects in posture
– to relieve muscle stiffness
– for the treatment of respiratory problems and psychosomatic diseases

Special versions:

Swedish massage can be combined with aromatherapy essential oils. It can also be used to reduce the symptoms of cellulite and help you lose weight by using appropriate massage creams. Coconut oil and grape seed oil are perfect for regenerating cellulite, fat and weight loss.

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