Benefits of Thai massage

thai massage

Massage is a very ancient healing method that has been used in some cultures for thousands of years. Nowadays massage is returning to its golden age and its great advantage is that it is completely safe, has no side effects, is not harmful to health, has a great effect on our musculoskeletal problems, and it is also a great solution to the stress that is becoming more and more serious. One of the most popular types of massage today is Thai massage!

The development of Thai massage

The roots of Thai massage go back to the Far East, Asia. It can be inferred from its name that its formation is related to Thailand. We are talking about a traditional type of massage that is based on thousands of years of tradition and its purpose is to provide free energy flow, relieve pain, stiffness and so on by stretching muscles or various postures.

Purpose of Thai massage

The purpose of applying Thai massage is to balance the body elements, because if one is healthy, one’s life energy can flow without any problems in the chakras. In Thai massage, masseurs are not so much stimulated by acupuncture points, they often massage the soles of the feet, knees and elbows.

Effect of Thai massage

Regular use of Thai massage contributes to achieving a balanced daily routine, constant well-being, without muscle tension and muscle stiffness. In addition, it has an excellent effect on the cardiovascular system, but is also often used to treat or prevent digestive and musculoskeletal disorders. As we relax during the massage and the blood circulation speeds up, we get more oxygen into the body, which makes us feel more relaxed. It also has the analgesic effect – all over the body – but it enlarges the pores and helps us to get rid of the toxins we have deposited.

To whom do we recommend and not to massage?

Thai massage is generally good for most people, but the best effect is for people who have a stressful, sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. It is also recommended for those suffering from sleep problems, rheumatic and joint pain, exercising regularly and doing heavy physical work.

However, Thai massage should be avoided in some cases! This is especially true during pregnancy, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. It is also worth avoiding Thai massage for thrombosis, dermatological problems and fractures, but it is not recommended for those with prosthetics.

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